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Jewelry restoration

Facets – Fine Hadcrafted JewelryJewelry restoration is a vital part of keeping your precious heirlooms and their original beauty in your family for generations to come. Through the years, the sentiment and beauty, of fine jewelry has been handed down in families as a way to keep the love, sentiment and even the investment with those closest to us. These treasured heirlooms, however, do require maintenance to keep their beauty and value intact.

Through years of wearing these special pieces of jewelry, wear and tear does occur. There are several points of inspection to determine whether or not your jewelry is in need of restoration. Consulting a professional jeweler, is always the best route to take. Your heirloom pieces should not be trusted to just anyone, there are jewelers that actually specialize in restoration.

Some of the most common things that are seen and corrected in the restoration process are repairing bent or broken shanks, replacing missing stones, tightening loose stones, retipping prongs, cleaning and polishing and even mending faded filigree and milligraining.

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