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Akiyo Matsuoka

7cbb0bf577046c53d383f89a270f82fbI was introduced to this designer many years ago—about seven, I’d say… I’m pleased to see that she is still making splendid baubles that embody her chic sensibilities. My latest jewelry box obsession is the Moonlight Ring, a set of four stackers with two clusters of shimmering pavé diamonds. Here’s what designer Akiyo Matsuoka has to say about this beautifully understated design:
F~ What inspired this design?
AM~ “I was inspired by the subtle reflections of the moonlight, silver spheres.”
F~ Why do you love it?
AM~ “I love how this design is delicate yet gorgeous. In subtlety there is great power.”
F~ What do you wear with it?
AM~ “Anything—the ring is low key but makes an impact. I’ve worn this ring set to different occasions with different types of clothing and I always get so many compliments.”[share]